About Me

From the military to event planning and in between!

I left my home in Yorkshire at the tender age of 21 to embark on the greatest adventure a person could ever go on - a career in the Army. Basic Training in Surrey lasted 16 weeks and pushed me to my physical and mental limits, but I emerged stronger and ready to take on the world!

My career in the army began in logistics and during my tenure, I passed my HGV driving test. This sowed the seeds for my current career as, through Army logistics, I gained experience in the organising and planning of supplies such as food, fuel, clothing and munitions.

Sometime later, I found myself in Barbados helping a friend organise her wedding. This ignited something of a passion in me, as I've always loved anything wedding related and this, combined with my logistics and planning experience, birthed a seed in my imagination.


My military career came to an abrupt end due to me being medically discharged. I was heartbroken, but knew I had to carry on for the sake of my daughter. I pursued a career within logistics in the healthcare sector, met my husband Wayne and eventually, formed this business.


I live in Northumberland, am a qualified practitioner in Reiki and Indian Head Massage, and love to read and walk through the beautiful Northumberland countryside.


What gave me the impetus to form Wishes Make Memories was the planning of my own wedding to Wayne. I loved every second of it, both the planning and the day itself (which came off to perfection!) and the looks and reactions on the faces of my family and friends made me want to help other couples plan their perfect events.


This is who I am. Who are you? How can my experience help you plan your dream day? Get in touch with me and let's talk about how we can work together to create beautiful memories!

With Love,

Paula Whillis

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